How to participate

For Belarusian HEIs and other eligible organizations

Step 1
To take part in Erasmus+ project an organization (HEIs or non-HEI) should have a Participant Identification Code (PIC). To check an existing PIC or obtain it, an organization should visit Participants Portal(

Step 2
For CBHE, ICM, EMJMD and Jean Monnet Networks projects — find partners and take an active part in the preparation of an application. For Jean Monnet projects (Modules, Chairs, Centers of Excellence and Projects) an application is prepared by a HEI.

Step 3
An Applicant should submit an application respecting the deadline. The deadlines for CBHE, ICM, EMJMD and Jean Monnet projects (Modules, Chairs, Centers of Excellence, Projects and Networks) applications are in February. The exact dates can be found in Call for proposals announced annually by the European Commission. For details, see Funding opportunities and application procedures within the Erasmus+ programme

For Belarusian citizens

To apply for Erasmus+ mobilities in the framework of ICM projects students and staff should address International Relations Department of their HEI and ask about projects opportunities, application procedures and deadlines.

To apply for EMJMD grant one should choose a programme in the catalogue of available EMJMD Master programmes (, visit the chosen EMJMD’s web-site (links to EMJMDs web-sites are provided in catalog) and read about an application procedure and deadlines. While the condition of having previously obtained a first higher education degree must necessarily be fulfilled at the time of enrolment, EMJMD consortia may decide to accept applications from students in the last year of their first higher education degree.