7 December 2018
The monitoring visit of the International Credit Mobility (ICM) projects at the International University “MITSO” was implemented by the National Erasmus+ Office on 7 December 2018. The representatives of the International Relations Department and mobile students who benefited from the mobility projects were present at the event.

MITSO is involved in 7 Erasmus+ ICM projects in cooperation with the higher educational institutions from Poland, Lithuania, Romania and Czech Republic. MITSO supports the most active cooperation with Wroclaw University of Economics (Poland) and Mikolas Romeris University (Lithuania).

MITSO has been participating in Erasmus+ ICM projects since 2016. Both outgoing and incoming mobilities of students and staff took place at the University. MITSO has great interest in Erasmus+ programme and plans to develop ICM cooperation with universities from other EU countries such as Finland, Greece, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, etc.
ICM projects have a significant positive impact on professional and personal development of students and staff, helps them to improve their qualification and to strengthen international relations between EU and Belarusian higher educational institutions.